Air Con Recharge

Air conditioning is possibly one of the most popular extras fitted to modern cars with over 75% of all new cars being fitted with either air conditioning or climate control. Many people believe air conditioning is only designed to cool the air inside the cabin but this is not the case, it is also designed to absorb moisture from the air making it easier to demist windows as well as filtering harmful substances and germs from the air. So it is beneficial to use your air conditioning to heat your car as well as cool it. It is estimated that the average car’s air con system loses 10-20% of its gas every year due to the natural permeability of some components. This can not only effect the operation of your air conditioning or climate control but can also increase fuel consumption as other parts have to work harder to achieve the same results as a fully charged system. It is therefore recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced and recharged every 2 years.

We can recharge your Air Conditioning from as little as ?40 + VAT


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