Fluid Replacement

Brake Fluid

The fluid in your braking system is essential in transferring the pressure you apply to the brake pedal directly to the brake components at the wheels. It can only do this efficiently if the temperature of the fluid remains below a given temperature. Prolonged heavy braking can increase the temperature of the fluid and lead to brake fade. This is made worse by the fluids hygroscopic nature, meaning it absorbs moisture (water vapour) from the air which in turn reduces the boiling point.


The VASS Specialists can replace your brake fluid from as little as ?38 + VAT


Manual Gearbox Oil

The oil in your manual gearbox lubricates the moving cogs inside the gearbox, allowing you to change gear smoothly, preventing the working parts from overheating as well as suppressing noise. The moving parts in your gearbox will over a period of time deposit metallic particles known as “swarf” inside the gearbox. This not only has an effect on how easily you can change gear but also on the viscosity of the oil meaning it can then fall outside the correct specification for your car. A build up of swarf can also cause damage to the individual gears resulting in excessive noise or loss of drive. To prevent this from happening to your vehicle we recommend changing your manual gearbox oil every 40,000 miles.


The VASS Specialists can replace your manual gearbox oil from as little as ?40 + VAT


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